16. The following appeared in a letter to the editor of a local newspaper from a citizen of the state of Impecunia.
"Two years ago our neighboring state,Lucria,began a state lottery to supplement tax revenues for education and public health.Today,Lucria spends more per pupil than we do,and Lucria’s public health program treats far more people than our state’s program does.If we were to establish a state lottery like the one in Lucria,the profits could be used to improve our educational system and public health program.The new lottery would doubtless be successful,because a survey conducted in our capital city concludes that citizens of Impecunia already spend an average of $50 per person per year on gambling."
17.The following appeared in letter to the editor of the Walnut Grove town newspaper.
"Walnut Grove’s town council has advocated switching from EZ Disposal(which has had the contract for trash collection services in Walnut Grove for the past ten years)to ABC Waste,because EZ recently raised its monthly fee from $2,000 to $2,500 a month, whereas ABC’s fee is still $2,000. But the town council is mistaken; we should continue using EZ. EZ collects trash twice a week, while ABC collects only once. Moreover, EZ-which, like ABC, currently has a fleet of 20 trucks-has ordered additional trucks. Finally, EZ provides exceptional service: 80 percent of respondents to last year’s town survey agreed that they were ‘satisfied’ with EZ’s performance."