Today, like yesterday, I always do not remember what time it is.Everyday just look the same because of the style of my living habits.I have not had my breakfast for at least two months.The time I wake up is the time that people having lunch or even after their lunch time.So I always try to have my breakfast at the midnight.That is my pre-breakfast.To some people.this habit might not let them feel appropriate,but as to me,It is the only way that make me feel more comfortable.My habits changed naturally,so I just follow the changes.I know someday in the recent future,this situation will be broken totally.Everything will be broken and then I will enter the new world,a different realm.
These days,I maybe have found what I really like and what I want to do.But It seems so far away.I think this is really something deep in my heart and I would spend my whole life to achieve it.When I watched the program of HORIZON,from DICOVERY channel,which talk about something that actually attrack me,I feel that maybe I should spend my last life to get close to the things that the Nukers team,a special scientists team in the United States,also try to figure out.What is that?The supermassive black holes and how it relate to the origin of the universe.
See,It seems really far away to our life such as marrige a nice wife,find a good job or manage a success business,earn a lot of money,build houses,buy cars or boats,and travel around the earth.But,I do not want my life to become that way.And something really confuse me is I might not have the abilities to become a space scientist and join into the Nukers team,so I might have to do something I do not want to do in my entire life.This equal to killing myself.So I suppose that the only thing that I can do is get much closer to things that I really want.
Steve Jobs said:"If you have not found what you really want,just keep looking,don’t settle." I appreciate him pretty much.And I am trying to do what I really want to thank the giving of my life.This is the first thing and other things are secondary.