Gina was clearly a fledgling performer.She was bound to flourish,however,under the tutelage of Maestro Maurice.He was known for the way in which he flourished his baton.The Maestro’s discovery of Gina was a fluke.In fact,the story was fodder for many a musical gossip column.Gina’s first foray onto the stage was something of a disaster.The reviewers had gone on a foray to pillory fledgling performers.Gina was forced to forfeit her right to play the antique Steinway because she kept arriving late for practices.This forfeiture cost her a fine performance.Nothing in Gina’s life had ever been fortuitous,and this incident was typical.Her fortunes changed when she was able to play the beloved Steinway and Maestro Maurice fortuitously happened by.The Maestro was furtive in his atterntions to Gina,making it seem as if he were studying his score rather than listening to her.He furtively looked up now and then to study the young pianist.Gina,knowing this would not be the piano she could use in her performance,imagined her practice session was futile in terms of developing her career.Suddenly,however,she was aware of the Maestro’s presence,and she became galvanized.Her playing ran through the gamut of emotions,reaching depths she hardly knew she possessed.Gina attempted to garner every inch of Maestro Maurice’s attention by playing as if her life depended on the excellence of her performance.In the past,she had been accused of playing in a too genteel style.Gina left her gentility behind as she plunged into her performance.When Gina was almost finished,Maestro Maurice walked away,leaving Gina to wonder if even a gratuitous remark would have been better than this obvious snub.The gravity of the situation was soon forgotten when the Maestro returned with a bouquet of flowers and personally invited Gina to study with him.