Brandon and Allison were so confused by the travel agent’s jargon that they simply said,"Fine.Book the trip.The Isle of Fiero sounds okay." They had worked hard all year and were looking forward to a jaunt out of the country.It never occurred to Brandon or Allison that they could be in any sort of jeopardy on such a brief pleasure trip.As it turned out,their decision to go with the fast-taking agent’s plan was not a judicious one.After their flight to the Isle of Fiero,Brandon and Allison took a taxi to the junction of Banana Street and Parrot Avenue to hire a tour guide.
Allison juxtaposed the lovely tourist brochure photogragh in her hand with the landscape visible through the taxi window,and she was bummed out-Fiero was hardly a tropical paradise.Allison was further disconcerted by the fear that their tour guide,Lucifer,had bad karma.Lucifer’s laconic style left Allison frustrated and somewhat unnerved-and she did not like his piercing eyes,either."Honey,we should never have come here,"Allison lamented to Brandon.But her lament fell on deaf ears;Brandon was enthralled with Lucifer and the Isle of Fiero.Allison’s latent sense of danger began to emerge-her left eye started to twitch.
With a sardonic smile,Lucifer started to laud Allison."You are right to be afraid,"Lucifer told Allison."My guerrilla fighters have taken over Fiero and its lax government.We may decide to keep you both as prisoners."Brandon’s jaw dropped."Is this the kind of violent legacy you want to pass on to your children?"Lucifer’s mood immediately changed.With great levity he said,"Oh,sir,I was only joking! I think you and your wife need a vacation badly." "But since we have developed a liaison with one another," Lucifer confided,"the latest weather report shows a hurricane will hit Fiero this evening.Didn’t your travel agent warn you about our weather?"