Simon,who claimed to have wealthy contacts,promised to play a pivotal role in securing funds for the arts center,and so was given the title Executive Director.Jeremy,an active and loyal member of the board,was seething with jealousy and had to be placated with the title,Senior Manager of Fund-Raising.It was not plausible that the two could work closely together; the rivalry between them was intense.Other then a poignant moment when Simon and Jeremy embraced at a co-worker’s funeral,they simply could not get along.It was a moment of great poignancy.Simon had a tendency to deliver an endless polemic each time he presented a fund-raising plan that others questioned.
Jeremy attempted to honor the precept that what mattered most was the arts center and not his own ego,but at times he wanted only to resign.Jeremy’s sense of obligation precluded him from taking such drastic action.Simon unfortunately grew more and more pretentious each day,assuring everyone that with his superior fund-raising skills all would be well.Jeremy decided to busy himself writing promotional materials and became quite prolific and skilled at this endeavor.Simon’s written materials were paltry and prosaic,and inspired no one.
In fact,as time marched on, it struck everyone concerned that Simon’s approach was rather provincial, in that it failed to take into account the interests of a broad audience. Jeremy decided to behave in a prudent fashion, and keep his criticisms to himself. He prudently decided to stay silent so as not to cause more problems. When asked what he thought of one of Simon’s promotional materials, Jeremy, searching for something kind to say replied, "Well, it’s quaint." Finally, even Jeremy’s measured words could not quell the dissatisfaction felt by the board, and so Simon was asked to relinquish his position. Turning to Jeremy they apologetically proclaimed, "You are the quintessential fund-raiser, and we are sorry for not recognizing this fact early on."