Chris lived in a rustic cabin, miles from any shopping mall. His nearest neighbor, Sherry, was a saccharine young school teacher, who was continually slipping adoring and inappropriate messages under his door. Chris made many sardonic remarks about her to his close friend Anthony, though he made no effort to put an end to her pursuit of him. One evening Sherry knocked on his door wearing such a scanty pair of shorts that Chris was almost embarrassed to be in her presence.But as Sherry stood there, it occurred to Chris that her conversation, in person, was quite scintillating.
Before long a romance began and Chris became utterly servile in her presence, anxious to satisfy her every whim. He stopped working, as he could concentrate on nothing but her, and after a time she became impatient with his sloth. His slothfulness began to drive her crazy. Sherry began to devise spurious reasons for spending evenings without Chris, so that she could attend parties with other single people. Chris began to sense their relationship was stagnating, so he attempted to rejuvenate it with a planned vacation to Mexico. He did not realize the stagnation he was experiencing was of Sherry’s design. "There is a static quality to our relationship because I’m not sure I want it to go any further," Sherry explained upon turning down the invitation. "Don’t give me any static," she added. "Have I not been a steadfast companion? Have I not stood by you through thick and thin?" Chris asked, feeling horribly wounded.
Chris finally decided to accept Sherry’s decision and with a stoic attitude showed her to the door. He then stoically canceled the trip reservations without shedding a tear. His stoicism was impressive, but it wasn’t going to last. Days after Sherry left, Chris began to plan a stratagem to win her back, positive that she still loved him. Sherry however fell for none of his schemes, and soon Chris became strident in his insistence that she give their relationship another try. But Chris was stymied by Sherry’s immutability and when she finally admitted there was someone else, he was forced to return to his rustic cabin and have a good cry.