There are many different types of music in the world today.Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?
As we everyone know,music spread around the world without boundary.We cannot find even one place which lack of music.Is music so easy for people to get it? Or is music a vital ingredient that people have to possess? Having some function,such as dealing with nervous when having operation, mental cure, easing pressure, and dashing down passion, music is developing from acient time to nowadays, and it seems undoubted that people cannot tolerate without it. Music these days have a great number  of styles. For instance, classic, blues, jazz, rock, metal, ska, country and so on. So many kinds of music styles, each one has it own way to express passion or ideas of the musicians. When we listenning to the music, our feelings will follow the specific moledy. Hearing differential music, sometimes we might be sad, blues or even angry, and sometimes we could have happy, funny or relaxing emotion. Singing  or creating love songs to our girlfriends to attract them and express our love, metal songs to snap unequal laws or civil rights.
I think the radical function of music is to express something that might probably include emotion such as anger, love, happiness, fun,and ideology about life and material world. Human have spirit and human need music to express, and have to, so music seems quite significant to us. Mozart created "The magic flute" to express his complex emotion about his happiness, country, childhood, wife’s mother’s verbose.
Based on the discussion above, we might see the fact that what role does music play in human society. In this case, it is not so important that the music, people listenning to, are traditional music of one country or international music spread all around the planet earth. If one music have the right function to human,  it is an important music. Because its function is the radical factor, not its formation. Maybe the traditional music could be more easy for the specific people in one area to understand, and the understanding is deeper, while international music could be recognized by the majority. No one is important, but everyone is important. I mean it depends.