Hey, friends, I think I should tell you this. A weird thing really happened just a few minutes ago.
These days, i just stayed at home to continue my boring work. Sometimes, i would suppose that my work bothers me in the way like this "all works and no play make me a dull boy". these months, slowly, my mental seems to fill with great pressure and i also consider that "should i take some pills like, say, anti-depression?" What i have done all the time are just eating then sleeping and, of course, working in this huge and deadly silent cube. I am making these stuff like an incessant circle. I don’t want to go outside of my home to have some activities, even don’t want to talk to a person or something else. There is nothing else except all these shits i mentioned above. This situation let me think about some japanese who actually spend all their times on the internet for 2-3 yrs, or even 7-8 yrs at home and without any going-outside. Am i a member of them?
As usual, I lay down on my bed this noon just wanted some sleep. Hardly wake up, and fell asleep again having dreams. Suddenly, i heard the door bell rang, louder than ever before! Who would have a visit at this moment?! I jumped up and went to check it out. "Who is that?". I really feel confused when i percepted that there is no one there. At this moment, someone said "What happen?". Oh, it’s my dad. "Someone switched the door bell but no one there!"  i said.
"Son, what happen!? there is of course no one out there! Nothing push the switch and the bell even didn’t ring!!"
"You are kidding!"
I feel astonishing and even somewhat horrible. Because i realized that there might probably be something happened inside ME. What the heck is it? Mental disorder? Depression? Schizophrenia? Should i call for a psychiatrist?