Long long time ago, i don’t know when, a group of Chinese who lived in the middle area of Acient China-symbol of prosperity, took a dramatic turn. They planed to move from the middle to the south. Why did they want to migrate and left their home? In acient China, there seem to have many wars and nutural disaster. The middle area was a key point of wars. So that place is very dangerous than any other places. The families were rather abruptly thrust into poverty. That is the reason why these acient Middlers planed to bring all their family and relatives out of this place.
At that time, the southern China is definitely a place that is crude. The Middlers migrated and brought some advanced implements, culture and ideologies with them to this rural area and had a profound influence on the Southern civilization. As a guest, the Middlers tried their first hand at communicate with the native people and making the raw become developed.