Nowadays, our society encourage people to have more creative mind in every domain, education, business, technology and even musical performance. I would agree that some people continue to do one thing that they have done well to make the job become PERFECT. But compared with people who prefer to try something unconventional, the former would probably not reach the standar of this more competitive flatten world. So i agree with the statement mention above. Several factors are needed to bolter my championship.
People do things that they have already know might make that things a little better, and eventually make it perfect, whearas other people take things totally new will bring the society into an amazing epoch. I do not deny the importance that make things perfect, but comparaly, bringing a whole new world is more significant. let see some concrete exmaples. 
Cuijian,as a musician of rock & roll in China, he always put his mind in creating and combining different musical styles. He do not think we should follow the old western rock and roll, he said what we should do is try our first step to make Chinese rock music. He have done it and is considered as the father of Chinese rock music.
Mostly everytime, trying something new is followed by risk. As an old game company,what Nintendo think when they create a totally new game consel-Wii(means "we" play together even old people and little children)? I know that they are just thinking "That will be great!". Finally, this new consel nearly make history of game playing. Wii is about feel not about look. So everyone can play this kind of game. It is totally different from the previous game consel. Taking this new or should say risk, Nintendo make a great success in game industry.
We would see more such great examples. Martin Luther King fight for Civil Right, Steve Jobs,the president of the Apple company, left university, taking risk to chase his own dream…From the discussion above i should draw the conclusion that taking new things and risks make a greater success rather than the success from doing things people have done well that might make things perfect.