Five years had passed since my grandfather went ago from us. Tomorrow, might be an important day, cause this will be the first time i visit my dear go-away grandfather.The past four years, since i was in school far away, i had no chance to go home. But this years, i graduated from university, so i have time and have to go to visit my admire grandfather.
My grandfather is a great man. He is good at healing people who are ill. There were a great number of people visit him for medical treament. Because of his profession, our house looked like a little hospital.  My grandfather have many medical books. Most of them are written by hand. These books contain pictures, like every part of human body, the charateristic of some medicine(some kinds of vegetation), and notes from my grandfather.
"If my sons are better than me, my remaining land is useless; If my sons are worse than me, my remaining land is still useless." my grandfather said. In China, in farmers’ mind, land(farm) is the most significant thing. They usually use how many farms you have to measure how wealthy you are. From the words above, my grandfather tought us that, it is useless how much wealth you have, in fact, his sons’ competitive abilities play a vital role in becoming success. I admire my grandfather. He told me, "the real great person always have a good heart to lean on even when they are in big troubles, difficult position, pressure and depression. But the weaks have not."