Well, today I am going to tell you guys some medical mysteries. So many medical phenomenons have been explained and they seem so normal and easy for us. For example:
1.Wearing sunglasses when people have some activities outdoor might be efficient to prevent our naked eyes from ultraviolet. 
2.People always say stay out of sun,no matter what,will protect us from sunburn.
3.Organic vegetables are always safer.
4.Many Asians can’t tolerate alchohol.
OK, and now, I plan to give you some evidence or explanation, to make you believe that bulk of views above deserve more consideration.They are not PERFECTLT right.
1.Actually, wearing sunglasses can protect our eyes from ultraviolet.But at the same time,on the other hand, our skin might probably suffer more sunburn. When our eyes sence sunlight, our body is triggered to produce hormone which is the material that kick the tanning process of our body to start. This process prevent our skin from burning.So you will see, of course, we should not go into the sun without eyes protection, but just take it off for ten minutes,to let the skin tanning process start.
2. Sometimes,maybe we should not bask in the sun too much.But, studies show that our body need sunlight to keep us healthy. We need vitamin D. It is not only good for the bones,but also good for the immune system.How do we get vitamin D? Well, our body uses sunlight to convert cholesterol into vitamin D.If we don’t get enough sun, without vitamin D at the same time,wewill have more risk to have diseases. Of course, how much sunlight is enough depends on different individual.
3.Organic vegetables will produce some chemical,and it’s poison,bad for our health.
4.OK, this one turns out to be true.haha..50% of Asians lack a gene  that makes their body break down alchohol efficiently.Most of the time,Asian people,if they have allergic reations,might be drunk,their faces are getting red and flush.But it’s great,coz this really prevent them from becoming an alchoholic.
So nice to reach the end of this passage. What do you feel about the medical mysteries? I think these are great! If you are a kind of person like to look at things at different points of view and look at things upside down,these are great ideas for you! Hope you have a time with my article.
See you soon!