Big leaves plant in southern China

Big leaves plant

On the leaf

some kind of fungi on the skin of tree

Take a look at the skin of the tree again and try some science.

Fern everywhere, get out of the way!!!

Higher plant in Huizhou West lake park.

Higher plant in Huizhou West lake park.

Some kinds of fern

Mushroom in the wild. Pink color. Where is Mario?

I don't want to catch you...


Some kind of fern

Some kinds of fern


Ants in the decomposing wood. Can't see the ants? They were on my hand!! WTF!!!

I don't remember what we were testing. Humidity?

Milk fruit

Mating plants


Common flower in southearn China

Fruits drop from the tree, no one try to taste.

Fruit drop from the tree.

Rice plant maybe 2 weeks before harvest in Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Mangrove plant in Hong Kong. Don't remember the name.